Podco Co-Investment Fund No. 2

658 Church Street, Richmond

Adjacent to the Yarra River’s North Bank, Buildings 1 & 2 at Richmond Corporate Park (Lot 2) was acquired in February 2011 for $42.0 million.


The property

Features at the time of purchase included:

  • Two A-Grade six floor office buildings constructed in late 1997 with 13,568m2 NLA.

  • 274 car parking spaces on-site.

  • Securely leased to 7-11, Hardie Grant Publishing, Mattel, Ipsos Australia and Forum Group.

  • Landmark position on the west side of Church street with excellent access to CityLink Freeway and views to the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs.

The investment

The original investment strategy highlighted the need to:

  • Take advantage of a combination of income from a range of quality tenants

  • Ensure capital appreciation through future rental growth, active asset management, tenancy remixing.

Investment ReturnsFeb
Passing Net Income$2.94 m$7.13 m
Capital returned to date ($)$20.77 m
Capital returned to date (% of original invest.)87.4%
Estimated IRR (5 years) – Post Fees 22.3%
Est Project Realisation (12 Lots)
Capitalisation rate 10.0% 5.00%
Unit price $0.87 $2.60
Acq’n Price / Current Valuation$42.0m $137.7 m

Achievements and performance to date

Management constructed a new End-of-Trip facility and undertook significant upgrades to the base building, lifts, air conditioning, foyers, amenities and landscaping. This has succeeded in maintaining the building’s status as a modern and desirable A-Grade workplace for existing and future tenants.