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Invest with a proven team

With an experienced team, and a proven record, Terraplex are experts in pinpointing and negotiating outstanding investments. We provide clients with institutional deal sourcing capabilities and reporting, as well as the focus of a boutique manager.

Our senior executive team has over 50 years of collective experience in institutional property funds management. When you invest with Terraplex, you’ll gain access to a nimble and focused service – one that doesn’t carry the conflicts and inefficiencies that often exist in larger organisations.

Terraplex’s team has a track record of delivering strong risk-adjusted property returns through well timed acquisitions and disposals. We’ve also successfully implemented numerous active asset management strategies.

Every investor benefits from the deep knowledge that Terraplex’s team share. When you invest with us, you’re be provided with direct access to a single point of contact. As a group you’ll find we are highly experienced in what we do. And act as dedicated real estate and finance professionals, committed to looking after you and working hard to achieve your investment objectives.

Our range of services extends to the Private Mandate area where we can provide Advocacy and Asset management services on your behalf as a private client or group. As well as assisting with property acquisition, due diligence, purchase negotiations, lender selection and funding and professional advice on strategies to maximise your property’s value and its returns.

Terraplex know that the best opportunities are not always the most obvious ones. Which is why we work hard to seek out and acquire investment-grade properties on attractive terms off-market. The assets we select typically provide an income stream and have researched potential for short to medium term value enhancement. Either via refurbishment, redevelopment, repositioning or re-pricing.


A Direct Property Investment commonly describes real estate investments that can be held either directly (direct ownership on the title) or indirectly through collective ownership vehicles such as managed property investments: funds, trusts and syndicates (Listed or Unlisted Property Funds). Such investments can be commercial, industrial, retail, bulky goods, residential or a range of other property assets.

Investors in Direct Property Investment Funds are wholesale and retail investors and include Self Managed Superannuation Fund investors (‘SMSF’).

Over the last two decades, Direct Property Investment has grown dramatically, becoming a core investment class for the growth of wealth through strong risk adjusted returns, while also providing a stable source of income through regular distributions of underlying rental income.

Professionally managed Unlisted Property Investments is an alternative form of direct property investment. Unlisted Property Investments can also be called funds, trusts, syndicates and schemes.

It works by investors purchasing ‘units’ in a trust that holds investment property or properties, which are managed by a professional investment manager like Terraplex. An Unlisted Property Fund has a fixed investment term and transparent investment purpose.

The initial capital remains invested until the property asset(s) is sold when the trust ends, with any net proceeds distributed among the investors. Throughout the life of the trust, investors also receive income distributions that are paid regularly – such as monthly or quarterly.

Properties utilised for the investment are chosen by the investment manager and bought by the trust. The investment manager then manages the associated maintenance, administration and rent collection.

Returns from Unlisted Property Investments are typically less volatile for investors, compared to A-REITs, and are known for providing a consistent inflation-linked income stream.

Purchasing Commercial property via an unlisted property fund as a part of your investing portfolio can bring huge benefits.

It allows you access to a share of a high quality property that’s typically only available to institutions, and provides exposure normally only experienced by professional management teams.

Unlisted property doesn’t offer liquidity, however investors can receive stable returns that combine a stable yield and the potential for capital growth. Such returns are closely linked to underlying property assets in the trust, and tend not to be highly correlated with other asset classes, such as shares, which can be utilised to diversify your SMSF or investment portfolio.

These investments can also offer greater certainty on income, due to the locked-in nature of commercial leases. Unlisted Property also tends to be a good hedge against inflation because lease payment increases are usually inflation-linked or have fixed increases of 3-5%.

Terraplex have generated excellent returns for many investors utilising Unlisted Property Funds. We offer property investors the focus, energy and commitment of a ‘boutique’ fund manager, whilst providing institutional grade reporting and deal sourcing capabilities.

For both international and domestic investors, investing via unit trust is an efficient way to achieve tax-effective investment property ownership.

The upside for any off-shore investor seeking to purchase a commercial property investment is the fact that Australia has a well-structured regulatory environment.

Each year, we provide property investors locally and globally with access to Australian real estate investment opportunities. We’re driven in our objectives to provide superior returns and sustainable income. As well as strong capital growth through prudent acquisition and active management.

Our team


Charles is Terraplex CFO, and a Director of the Trustee of Terraplex Funds. As a Chartered Accountant with 27 years experience in the property funds management sector, he has held directorships and senior managerial roles at APN Funds Management Ltd, ISPT, Mirvac, GRW Property and VFMC.

M. 0421 639 756

Anthony Wilson


Anthony is the co-founder of Terraplex and Head of Asset Management. A licensed real estate agent and member of the API, he has been a licensed Valuer since 1993. Diligently working as a professional in the commercial property sector for 29 years, Anthony has transacted in excess of $900 million worth of property across all sectors.

M. 0422 135 895

Nicole Bevis

Head of Fund Administration

Nicole joined the Terraplex team in 2015. Her professional experience includes 15+ years in various roles within Banking & Finance. One of her responsibilities included managing teams to ensure the highest possible customer service standards were met. Nicole is committed to ensuring Terraplex clients and suppliers receive outstanding service, within a positive environment.

M. 0411 065 859