Unlisted property funds allows for a system for buyers searching for commercial and industrial property to take part in a investment purchase they might not possess the funds to normally invest themselves.

Unlisted property funds or trusts are also known as syndicates, are an alternate method to purchase large property. Traders purchase ‘units’ in a trust qualities or holding investment property, that are handled with one of our qualified investment managers.

Usually the first capital remains used before property resource(s) comes once the trust ends, and any net profits are spread amongst the buyers. Throughout the trust’s existence, investors receive income distributions which are settled at set times (e.g. monthly or quarterly).

As the managers of the trust, Terraplex handles the related management maintenance and book collection. The home category might be industrial, retail, professional or various others including schools.

Gearing levels in unlisted property funds are usually moderate (in comparison) and so fit more fairly inside the banks hunger for financing in the present environment.

There are numerous elements when evaluating a possible investment within an unlisted property fund that buyers should think about:

Terraplex have many customers who’ve committed to unlisted property funds which have seen tremendous success. If you are interested in more information about our unlisted property funds and property trusts contact us today.

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